This program is best suited to senior leaders and sustainability professionals with a senior reporting relationship. We will also consider accepting a few, select, high-potential emerging leaders.

Access the online application here.

We welcome leaders that are new to sustainability, and those who are already fluent in it. The crucial mindset we seek is that of wanting to go beyond positioning sustainability as merely an "add-on" and beyond settling for simply “doing less bad.” 

We seek leaders with an appetite for driving sustainability into the core of their business and mission by unleashing its potential for improving employee engagement, organizational performance and innovation.

In our selection process we seek to achieve a balance of participants from diverse sectors. We strongly encourage teams.

Common titles of successful applicants have included:

  • Higher Education Sector: President, Vice Chancellor, Vice President, Provost, Director
  • Government Agencies: Airport VP, EPA Director, Utility Manager, City Manager
  • Corporate Sector: CEO, Senior VP, VP, CIO, Chief Sustainability Officer, Head of Sustainability

Admissions Process

Admission to each offering is competitive and is based on leadership experience, organizational responsibility, and reporting relationship to the executive function of the organization. Participants will be chosen to ensure a diverse mix of sectors. 

We limit the number of participants due to the interactive nature of the program. We encourage you to apply early because we admit qualified candidates on a rolling, space-available basis. Applications received after the deadline will be considered only if space remains in the class. No payment is due at the time of application.

Upon acceptance into the program, prospective attendees will have up to 30 days to register and pay tuition.  Applicants who are admitted into the program are required to pay the program fee to reserve their place. If accepted applicant has not registered and paid after the 30 day expiration, we will no longer be able to guarantee your spot unless there remains availability in the course. 

Access the online application here.


Additional Resources

We are including a couple of resources to help as you navigate your decision-making, application and registration processes:

  • Tip sheet with creative strategies for funding your participation mined from the experiences of past participants
  • FAQ Sheet to address some questions that frequently arise from prospective applicants

Fluency in written and spoken English is necessary for participation in the program. 

To access the application, click on the "Apply Now" link at the top of this page or email to request one. You may also call (617) 384-7276.